Ladies Who Have Dated Several Guys Are Better Off as Wives than the Inexperienced Ones


On Friday, the grace of God located Nayas she she got married to Asanteman Kontihene of Hamburg, Germany, Nana Kofi Sarfo Kantanka. The marriage news was received with mixed reaction taking into consideration the track record of Nayas.

But as the saying goes, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” as it’s obvious Nana Kofi Sarfo Kantanka is madly in love with Nayas despite the bad record his newly wedded wife holds in the relationship market.

To profess his undying love, Nana Kofi Sarfo Kantanka speaking to Kofi TV after the traditional wedding admonished possible suitors to go for experienced ladies like Nayas’ caliber for obvious reasons.

To the best knowledge of Nana Kofi Sarfo Kantanka, ladies who have dated several guys (experienced ladies) are better off as wives than the inexperienced ones because they lack a lot of things pertaining to relationship sustainability.



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