As the cost of fuel continues to rise, homeowners search for more efficient ways to heat their homes. one among the simplest ways to realize efficiency, cost-effectiveness and luxury is to use a Hybrid Heat system. Hybrid Heat systems include a apparatus and furnace , managed by a compatible control or thermostat.

Hybrid heat or dual fuel systems deliver exceptional performance by employing a heating source that gives its most energy-efficient comfort during moderate heating conditions. because the temperature drops outside, the system automatically switches to your second heating source when that becomes the foremost economical thanks to keep your family comfortable.

For instance, the Carrier Infinity Hybrid Heat system includes an Infinity 20 apparatus with Greenspeed intelligence and an Infinity 98 furnace with Greenspeed intelligence, managed by an Infinity control. it’s more efficient than any furnace alone, because it allows the flow between electric and gas heating to optimize the economy of every fuel source.

“The rising price of gas and oil has spurred an excellent interest in alternative heating solutions,” says Rob Lambert, product manager and application engineer for Carrier’s residential cooling systems. “A Hybrid Heat system allows homeowners to save lots of money on energy costs for years to return , since the system ‘balance point’ is about to assist optimize each fuel source, counting on utility costs and weather in your area.”

The secret behind a Hybrid Heat system is that the apparatus . A apparatus operates as an air conditioning in weather but also can reverse the method and warmth the house when weather arrives. instead of burning fuel to get heat, a apparatus moves heat without a flame. Since most heat pumps operate using electricity, it offers homeowners the pliability and efficiency of electricity as an alternate fuel source.

With new technology available within the heating and cooling industry, now more homeowners can cash in of systems that help them economize and supply home comfort.


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