It’s tough being green lately — especially once you share space with quite 3 million people. And yet, one Southern California company is making it its business to try to to just that.

BP Gardens, a subsidiary of GreenGro Technologies (OTC: GNRH), an Anaheim-based eco-friendly technology company, is taking local farming during a crowded urban environment to an entire new level by designing vertical gardens. Its hope, says CEO James Haas, is to supply communities, restaurants, and grocers with locally grown, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

BP Gardens began as a seed of a thought from Haas, who says, the thought was to use as little water and energy as possible, while still yielding fresh produce and herbs for patrons .

According to Haas, there’ll be two separate locations and growing methods. BP Gardens Buena Park currently sits on 4.5 acres in Anaheim, California, and features a 50,000-seat full hydroponic grow system, while its sister company, BP Lincoln Gardens in northern California, employs zero-waste, 80 percent water-saving aquaponics solution with a 40,000-seat capacity.

“With California consistently facing severe droughts, these systems will help change the way we grow [food], modernizing its processes to become more sustainable for the longer term ,” says Haas.

The Buena Park location has currently completed its construction and has planted its first crops, which is right for leafy greens, while Lincoln is within the process of putting in floating race-ways and introducing fish in preparation for its first crops.

This location will specialise in the expansion of heavy greens and Sacramento Perch for its customer base. Between the 2 locations, Haas said he anticipates growing 45,000 heads of lettuce a month.

In addition to finding how to mix technology and food production, while reducing the company’s own carbon footprint, Haas has also came across a distinct segment market within the medical marijuana industry. While GreenGro doesn’t participate within the sale of medical marijuana, Haas said GreenGro’s equipment and advanced hydroponic systems benefit that industry also .

Although Haas estimates that about 60 percent of his customers buy his gardening equipment to grow medical marijuana, he says he remains focused on his BP Gardens projects, and isn’t content to prevent with the California market, but believes he can take his idea worldwide.


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