Fan Drags Serwaa Amihere, Says Her Beauty Will Fade Away Soon And No Man Will Be Ready To Marry Her

A troll on Twitter has cautioned Broadcaster, Serwaa Amihere that her beauty will not last forever, for it will fade soon so she should either get married now or loose her chances when her beauty fades.

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The troll identified on Twitter as Anoin reminded Serwaa Amihere that just like anything else in the world wouldn’t last forever, so will her beauty.

This was after Serwaa Amihere was seen begging a young man on Twitter to consider her for marriage.

In other words, this fan is urging Serwaa Amihere not to rely on her beauty to push potential suitors away because her nice looks will soon fade away.

The fan wrote; Serwaa Amihere pls prepare to marry becs ur beautiful face will go and no guy will call u either to marry u.

Serwaa seems not to care about people who question her decision for not prioritizing marriage. According to her, they are the ones worrying themselves over it because she cares less about what people say about her decision to stay single even at age 30.

See the screenshot below:

After her response, some Twitter users also reacted by continuously reminding her that she is getting old and therefore, she needs to settle down.

See some of the reactions below:



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