Drama as angry wife disrupts husband’s secret wedding with side chick

It is gradually becoming a norm for cheating husbands to be exposed on their wedding day as another of such drama has happened once more in Nigeria recently.

An elderly woman stormed her husband’s secret wedding at Abia State with some police escorts.

The aggrieved legally married spouse brought with her their traditional marriage and white wedding certificate, together with photos of what was supposed to be their special day.

The duo have been married for 17 years with four children borne out of the union.

The unidentified woman said she was verily aware of her husband’s infidelity but had no idea of the wedding until a friend gave her the tip-off.

“I know she was dating my husband for years. People will date married men and go and marry their own husbands. But she wants to marry my own husband. Anything they do in this life will work against them”, she blurted out.

As expected, the wedding came to an abrupt end.

Watch video below:


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