Don’t Allow Anyone Force You Into Marriage, You Won’t Get Rewarded For Marrying Early Or Late

For someone who got married few weeks ago, it is quite surprising that One corner” hitmaker Patapaa known in private life as Justice Amoah is advising those planning to follow in his footsteps to be cautious. What did he see? Has he regretted getting married?These are some of the questions running through your mind right?

“The little I can say is that as for me I think marriage is good. But when the time is not due you need to be patient. Because it’s a long but not a short journey that’s what’s said proverbially,” he stated on Kastle Drive in a latest interview.

According to Pataapa, marriage is not easy and it’s not a bed of roses hence people should not allow anyone force them into it.

“So what I know is that when the time is due for you to marry as a man or woman that’s better than rushing yourself into marriage at the wrong time. If the love isn’t one between the couple then the marriage becomes different,” he added.

Patapaa who got married to his German wife known as Mrs Liha Miller Amoah, took the opportunity to advise individuals to do background checks in order to be sure about the character of the person they want to be married to.

“But if the love is one then you live together for the marriage to become successful. It is said that you don’t take decisions in a hasty manner.

Patapaa told the host that “So there is the need to do background checks to ensure that the person you want to marry whether they come from a good home and have a good upbringing.”

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