Sword tail platy Fish

Platy fish belong to Xiphophorus genus and beside Mollies, Guppies and Swordfish square measure a member of the fish family family. Xiphophorus return from the Greek work ‘xiphos’ that means brand and ‘pherein’ that means carry.

Platy fish may be a common name that refers to a few species:

  • The Southern platy (Xiphophorus maculatus)
  • The Variable platy (Xiphophorus variatus)
  • The topminnow platy (Xiphophorus xiphidium)

Nowadays, these fish square measure quite common within the vivarium hobby and are-interbred to combine colors and fins form. The Southern platy-fish and therefore the Variable platy-fish square measure the foremost common species and are interbred most that currently it’s troublesome to tell apart between the various species.

The Southern platy-fish, conjointly called the Common platy-fish, was introduce to the vivarium hobby in 1907, whereas the Variable platy-fish was introduce later in 1932. The Variable platy-fish, because the name suggests, was name when it is nice color diversity.

The topminnow platy-fish still remains a rare specimen. This fish is additionally referred to as the Spike Tail platy-fish, because of the form of its fins.

All Platies square measure hardy fish however have a comparatively short generation. They live concerning 3 years; presumably 5 years if very well cared for.

You will simply notice the Southern and Variable platy-fish available. The topminnow but, is incredibly troublesome to come back by.

Typical Behavior

Platy fish square measure tiny peaceful fish. although they’re not thought of shoaling or schooling fish, they’re abundant happier once unbroken in an exceedingly tiny cluster.

They are terribly active and love breeding.

Platies pay most of their time swimming in tiny teams within the middle of the water column, among the plants and concealing between the floating leaves.

They are not typically aggressive, however you would possibly notice that the males overwhelm the females if you don’t keep the correct ratios (more on this later). platy-fish fish will jump! keep in mind to continuously keep the tank lined as they will jump the tank.

Platy Fish sorts

Platy fish square measure tiny, laterally planar fish, with tiny short fins and a tail formed sort of a fan.

There are several hybrids and variations cross-bred from the Southern and Variable platy-fish. Some-times, the rarer topminnow platy-fish has conjointly been interbred to make a lot of variations in colors and fin shapes.

The Southern and Variable platy-fish square measure each quite short and durable, lacking the extended “sword” typical of the topminnow platy-fish.

Platies colors vary tons. Number of fashionable colors square measure red, yellow, white, blue and inexperienced. Often, the various colorations were because of their natural environment.

There square measure tiny size variations between the various species. Feminine Southern platy-fish fish reach up to a pair of.5 inches whereas the Variable platy-fish reaches three inches. Males square measure continuously slightly smaller than the females.

Popular breeds from the first strains of the Southern platy-fish square measure the Half-Moon, the Coral, the Comet, the Salt and Pepper, the Moon, the Blue Mirror and therefore the Bleeding-Heart platy-fish.

Popular varieties from the Variable platy-fish square measure Red-tail, Yellowtail, Sunset, Rainbow, Hawaii and therefore the flower platy-fish.

The names represent themselves and replicate the color/appearance of that exact fish.

Habitat and Tank Conditions

Platy fish square measure tiny tropical fish from the rivers of Central America.

The 3 species of Platies inhabit completely different rivers of South America:

The Southern platy-fish inhabits the freshwaters of Mexico, Republic of Guatemala and northern Central American country

The Variable platy-fish fish is native to the southern waters of Mexico, from city Panuco to city Cazones

The topminnow platy-fish is barely found within the stream system of city Soto La dockage in Mexico.

These species square measure found in canals, ditches, heat springs and marshes. These tiny bodies of water have nearly no water current with heat waters, silt beds and a dense vegetation.

Tank Setup

Generally, Platies square measure hardy fish and might tolerate a large vary of water conditions (Swordtails but square measure sensitive to dangerous environments).

Try to have regular water changes with twenty-fifth modified each a pair of weeks.

Your platy-fish fish are a lot of relaxed in vivarium that mimics their natural habitats with a heavily planted tank and gravel substrate.

Plants will be organized otherwise betting on that species you retain. While the Southern prefers a loosely organized vivarium, the Variable favors a densely planted tank with open areas for swimming.

Hornwort, Java bryophyte and aquatic plant square measure all smart plants that you simply will use.

Water temperature slightly changes betting on the range that you simply have. The Common and topminnow like 70-70°F, whereas Variable prefers 72-75°F. Their colors can show higher if you retain the temperature within the cooler vary.

They all like weak currents with a water pH of six.8-8 and water hardness of 10-28 dGH.

What Size vivarium do they need?

As tiny active fish, platy-fish fish want a tank size of a minimum of ten gallons.

Tank Mates

Platy fish build ideal tank mates as they’re terribly peaceful. Do not forget although that they will be terribly active. They fancy swimming around in teams with males sometimes fighting amongst themselves.

Small peaceful fish square measure the right tank companions, particularly with species that square measure loosely connected like Mollies, Guppies or Swordtails.

They conjointly get on well with alternative similar size and temperament fish like Corydoras, Tetras, Characins, Gouramis, tiny peaceful barbs and clearly alternative platy-fish Fish. They will be unbroken with shrimps and snails if you’d like some non-fish companions.

Platies can struggle with massive aggressive fish like Cichlids and Arowanas. Tiger barbs, Bettas lamia characin and Wolf Fish square measure all samples of fish to avoid once selecting tank companions.

Keeping platy-fish Fish along

Platy fish are not thought of shoaling fish, but they’re happier once unbroken in an exceedingly tiny cluster. Once they settle in your vivarium it won’t be long before your vivarium population will increase.

Always keep a lot of females than males. This prevents the females from changing into exhausted from being pursued. We have a tendency to suggest keeping a pair of or three females to each male.

What to Feed Them

Platy fish are not fussy eaters as long as you give them with a diet that is high in vegetables.

In their natural environment, they eat tiny crustaceans, worms, insects and plants. they’re thought of all-devouring fish, however like a plant-eating diet.

They will eat most food, live, commercially ready and vegetable food. Opt for a decent quality flake food to create the core of their diet.

You can treat them once or doubly every week by feeding them branchiopod crustacean, tubifex and bloodworms. Proteins square measure smart as long as there square measure continuously lots of veggies. Poached vegetables like squash, spinach, cucumber and vegetable supplements like spirulina square measure a decent place to begin.

Keep in mind that a diet that is wealthy in vitamins can manufacture the simplest coloration.

Try to feed your platy-fish tiny amounts of food many times per day.

Golden rule: {try to|attempt to|try ANd} feed them an quantity that they will end at intervals three minutes.

Platy Fish Care

Platies square measure tiny hardy fish and aren’t at risk of any illness particularly. However, they will fall victim to common tropical fish problems like Ich and Fin Rot.

Fish diseases are not continuously simple to identify. You will in all probability notice a special behavior or some flukes on their skin and body. Betting on the stage you acknowledge them, the illness are a lot of or easier to treat.

The Ich illness is one in all the foremost common diseases within the vivarium hobby. It is a parasite that causes white spots on the body, gills and fins. If not cured, this will cause severe infections and metabolic process injury to the fish.

There square measure several treatments, from raising water temperatures to exploitation medication.

Fin Rot is another common illness given by microorganism infection of the tails or fin. Antibiotics square measure typically the simplest choices like antibiotic or bactericide. you’ll be able to add these whereas feeding your fish.

The best issue you’ll be able to do is try and proactively forestall diseases by maintaining smart water quality and a balanced healthy diet. Reducing the amount of stress is important for your fish and you’ll be able to try this by giving them the simplest attainable setting. Stressed fish square measure a lot of possible to induce sick.

A good means of preventing diseases is to properly clean and quarantine something that you simply raise your vivarium, this includes, fish, plants, new substrate and any quite decoration.

How to breed platy-fish Fish

Platy fish are called livebearing fish. These fish square measure identified to stay the eggs within their bodies till they’re able to provide birth to free swimming fry.

These fish square measure prolific breeders. you’ll not have to be compelled to do abundant (just keep 2 fish of lady within the same tank) so as for them to breed.

It’s quite troublesome to work out opposite sexes till they reach maturity at concerning four months. At now sexual dimorphism is kind of obvious. Sexual dimorphism is that the distinction in size and look between the sexes of identical species.

Females square measure typically larger and plainer once they’re grownup. Male Platies take a jiffy to realize their full coloration, and as they grow the anal fins strive against a rod form, that is understood as their gonopodium (reproductive organ.)

Platy fish square measure possible to eat their fry, therefore, we propose employing a breeding tank of concerning 10-20 gallons with filtration.

If you’re attack breeding within the community vivarium, check that you give enough concealing areas with dense plants in order that the fish will notice shelter.

Generally, females will have up to eighty fry. They are typically pregnant for around 24-30 days before birthing to measure young. They are born able to swim and you’ll be able to feed them fixings, dry food and specific food for fry.

How to Spot a Pregnant platy-fish Fish

You can simply spot a pregnant feminine because the abdomen becomes quite massive and if the skin is clear enough you would possibly even be ready to notice some of black eyes. sometimes she is going to conjointly develop a big spot (a black mark on her abdomen).

Are platy-fish Fish appropriate For Your Aquarium?

Platy fish square measure terribly colorful and peaceful fish. They are hardy and build the right addition to most aquariums.

They are excellent for anyone United Nations agency is new the hobby. They are terribly simple to worry for- you only have to be compelled to maintain smart water conditions and feeding habits.

Keep a densely planted vivarium and you’ll have happy fish. Keep them in an exceedingly peaceful community and you’ll be spellbound by their coloration.


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