The Red Tail Shark may be a standout in any fresh fish tank.

It is a lively fish that is entertaining to observe and can offer innumerous hours of fun.

Due to their non-fussy nature, they are terribly simple to feed and once settled into their fish tank should not provide too several difficulties to stay happy.

In this article we tend to cowl everything you would like to grasp concerning the Red Tail Shark including: typical behavior, fish tank conditions, dietary wants, ideal tank mates and far a lot of.

Let’s begin with a fast outline table before we tend to go to debate their counseled tank mates and care necessities.

Ø Overview of Red Tail Shark

Red Tail Swimming the Red Tail Shark (Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor) conjointly referred to as Red Tail Black Shark, Fire Tail, Red caudate Labeo and Red Tail Shark cyprinid, may be a tiny seafood native to Siam.

It was found within the clear waters and floodplains within the Me-Nam Chao Playa basin, but thanks to excessive preparation it had been thought to own become extinct. However, thanks to the thriving fish tank trade the breed lives on in camera collections.

This fish is wide known for its spectacular looks. It is a very black body with a spirited forked red tail.

Despite what its name would imply, this fish is in-fact a kind of carp, not a shark and belongs to the family Cyprinidae family.

In captivity you ought to expect your fish to mature to six inches with most growing to five inches, and it ought to live to around half-dozen years recent.

Due to its territorial nature they ought to be unbroken in massive aquariums. It is Associate in nursing omnivore and not a fussy eater, feeding most things placed into the fish tank.

Ø Typical Behavior

As juveniles you may notice your Red Tails to be fairly timid. For this reason you ought to offer them with many areas to cover (read the tank necessities section below for a lot of advice).

Whilst they was not physically bite or harass different fish they’ll chase them to the purpose of exhaustion.

Day to day you may notice this fish swimming back and to within the bottom section of the tank. Through-out feeding time you may notice them bullying different fish if you feed them too closely along.

In a terribly massive tank (200+ gallons) with sizable amount of hide-places it’s potential to stay many Epalzeorhynchos bicolour species, but every fish would force a minimum of one meter of the tank length.

Ø Red Tail Shark look

Red Tail Shark the Epalzeorhynchos bicolour may be a standout in any fresh fish tank, with a deep black body offset with a red forked tail.

It’s their fin that’s similar in look to a shark, That is wherever its name comes from.

Their body is long and slim with planar sides and a sinuous back. As for his or her head, you may notice it is red eyes, and its mouth has two pairs of barbs. The form of it is mouth helps it to scrap alga off rock bottom of the fish tank.

You should expect them to mature to 6” with most growing to around 5”.

Interestingly once they square measure stressed you may notice their red tail starts to fade in color.

At birth you won’t be able to tell the distinction between male and females. However, because the feminine matures and reaches sexual maturity, you may notice she features a fatter and all-round abdomen.

Finally, the Red Tail Shark is usually confused with the Rainbow Shark. While they are doing each belong to the family Cyprinidae family, they are in reality separate breeds. Additionally to the red tail, the Rainbow Shark conjointly has red fins.

You should conjointly make certain to not keep your Epalzeorhynchos bicolour with Rainbow sharks as they’ll fight; a lot of on this within the compatibility and tank mate section.

Ø Habitat and Tank necessities

Female Red Tail Shark As antecedently mentioned the Red Tail Black Shark is native to the fresh alga ponds of Siam. Throughout the season they’ll inhabit rock bottom lands, streams and forest space.

It is a really active fish which will pay the bulk of its time “busy”.

Over the previous few decades the wild population of Red Tails has been most eliminated thanks to industrial grade farming and excessive preparation. It is currently listed as critically vulnerable.

However, a thriving fish tank trade has meant this breed continues to be breathing.

Ø Tank Conditions

As they are known for being territorial (more on this later), {you ought to|you ought to|you must} make sure that juveniles have a tank sized a minimum of twenty nine gallons and adults should be placed in a minimum of 55+ gallons.

You should conjointly attempt to split the tank up to limit the number of territorial behavior and facilitate shield a lot of timid tank mates. to separate the tank up you’ll be able to use caves, wood and make sure the tank is well planted.

Water conditions within the fish tank ought to be as follows:

Temperature: 72°F and 79°F.

  • pH: 6.8-7.5.
  • Water Hardness: 5-15 dH.

For the water flow you ought to attempt to make certain the water is quick flowing to copy their natural surroundings. For the substrate you ought to be victimisation gravel and pebbles.

Also, bear in mind they will be jumpers thus a weighted lid ought to be used.

Ø Red Tail Shark Diet and Feeding

The Red Tail Shark is Associate in Nursing omnivore and within the wild its diet can include plants, crustaceans and different tiny insects.

They are conjointly known for being a scavenger and as a result can eat most belongings you place into the fish tank as well as flakes, pellets, live and frozen foods.

The cornerstone of their diet ought to be comprised of a prime quality pellet or flake. You will be able to add some selection to the current by treating them with meats and plant/vegetables.

As for meat you’ll be able to feed them:

  • Brine shrimp
  • Krill
  • Bloodworms
  • Daphnia

For plant matter and vegetables you’ll be able to feed them:

  • Cucumber
  • Peas
  • Zucchini
  • Fruit

If you are feeding them vegetables make certain to clean them beforehand and quickly take away them from the tank to forestall them decay.

They are conjointly referred to as Associate in Nursing alga eater, and you may see them scraping alga from stones in your tank.

Just bear in mind that they ought to have a lot of vegetables and plants than meat, and you ought to switch up their diet often to supply them with some selection.

You might conjointly think about creating your own fish food to confirm they’re obtaining the most effective potential diet.

Ø Compatibility and Tank mates

Red Tail apperance they need a name for being a somewhat aggressive and precarious fish. This name is justified merited because it a territorial fish which will become hostile ought to different fish enter its territory or interrupt its feeding sessions.

Whilst it was not essentially attack and injury different fish it’ll chase them persistently. This may cause the cowed fish to easily die of exhaustion and deficiency disease.

Even though the Red Tail is not precisely the ideal candidate for a community tank, you’ll be able to still keep it with different fish. You simply have to be compelled to watch out along with your choice.

Ideal Tank-mates ought to be strong, fast, and have a tendency to pay their time within the middle and higher levels of the water column. Some examples include:

  • Bala Shark
  • Barbs
  • Danios
  • Angelfish
  • Gouramis

Tetras (emperor, cardinal, argonon and glowlight)

As for fish to avoid, the list is extensive!

Other sharks like Rainbow and Red-finned ought to be avoided. Fish with vital red coloration may also be cowed. To be safe i might conjointly advocate merely avoiding all different bottom dwellers as well as Plecos and Cichlids.

Finally, it goes while not locution any peaceful/docile fish ought to even be avoided.

Ø Keeping Red Tail Sharks with different Red Tail Sharks

If you are scan on top of, you may understand that Red Tail Sharks square measure very territorial. For this reason if you are a beginner we tend to would not advocate keeping quite one in an exceedingly tank.

However, if you are insistent on keeping quite one in your fish tank then do thus with caution.

Make sure you have got an outsized aquarium; for every Red Tail you add, you would like to feature a minimum of one meter to the tank. you may conjointly have to be compelled to keep a minimum of 5 sharks quickly. This prevents the “alpha” from overly bullying one fish to death.

For most fish enthusiast, a tank of this size is phantasmagoric thus why we tend to advise keeping them singularly.

Ø Red Tail Shark Breeding

When the females square measure able to reproduce, their abdomen turns fatter and a lot of rounded; this can be the sole visual distinction between a male and a feminine.

If you are progressing to breed them in your home fish tank we’ve some unhealthy news. It is much unprecedented that anyone has productive bred Red Tails in an exceedingly home fish tank. This can be in the main owing to however impatient one another they,are.

As antecedently mentioned, they are most extinct within the wild, thus it’s left to massive industrial breeding facilities to stay them from extinction. In such industrial environments hormones square measure accustomed induce sexual union.

As the Red Tail is Associate in nursing egg layer, it tends to spawn in rocky caves. Because the fry develop they will modification in color from silver, to a silver/brown color before finally fully black. At around ten weeks older their red tail can develop.


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