“Without the blessings of your parents, do not join a man in his house” – Michy advises ladies » ™

Michy, the ex-girlfriend of Shatta Wale, is advising women never to move in with a man without first receiving the blessing and consent of parents.

According to her, there is a worrying trend of many ladies moving in to live with men who are yet to walk them down the aisle for reasons known to them alone.

In an interview with Emelia Brobbey on the Okukuseku Show, Michy said men usually use and dump these ladies after having their way with them which he is a victim.

“I will want to advise every young lady out there that it’s important to receive the blessings of your parents especially your mother before you leave your house for any man’s house or into any relationship,” she said in the interview.

Michy added that her parents advised her against moving in with Shatta Wale but her youthful exuberance and insatiable quest to explore led her to join the musician which didn’t end well.

She stressed that ladies and women who are yet to marry should never allow whatever circumstances they are in force them to move in with a man without the blessings of their parents.

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