Loving wife buys hubby an expensive Mercedes Benz on his birthday  » ™

Nigerian sex therapist, Angela Nwosu, has gifted his Nollywood actor husband Austin Soundmind an all-new expensive Mercedes Benz car on 38th birthday.

Aside from the usual birthday wishes and felicitations, Angela decides to surprise his husband by purchasing a Mercedes Benz Gle 350 4matic, 2017 model for him.

In an Instagram update, Angela said she is appreciative of the unflinching love shown her by her husband and she believes a Mercedes Benz is a perfect gift to give him.

I surprised my husband with a Mercedes Benz Gle 350 4matic, 2017 model. His reaction was epic, when he saw it today.

I will post the video of his reaction on YouTube later tonight. I enjoyed every bit of it😂

Dear Soundmind, my soul recognizes your soul. I honor the love, light, purity, beauty, truth and kindness within you, because, it is also within me. There’s no distance and no difference between us. We are the same. We were specially made for eachother. We are the definition of true, unconditional love. We are one.

Happy birthday to you, my God on earth. The last of the virgo man ❤️

Many netizens have showered her with praise for being a loving wife who is not only at the receiving end. She has been described as an ideal wife for every man


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