Inside story of policeman jailed for 7yrs over loan

A former Policeman is currently serving a seven-year jail term for failing to repay a loan of GHC 5,000 he contracted.

According to him, he took the loan from a lady who lived in the same house with him in May 2019 to support his wife who was then unemployed so that she could also support the family.

Lucas said he did not go to the bank because he had already taken a loan from the bank and did not qualify for another at the time.

He said the agreement with the lady he took the loan from was that he was going to be paying GHC 500 each month until he finishes paying because luckily for him, the loan did not come with interest.


However, along the line, he had left work for two weeks and therefore traveled to his village to work on his cocoa farm.

A distraught convict who spoke to Crime Check Television said while he was there, the lady called to complain that he had bolted just because he doesn’t want to pay back the money he borrowed.

Although Lucas assured her that he had not bolted and that he will pay the money for that particular month, the lady who got infuriated hanged up the call.

He said he was later contacted by an official of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who said he was needed at the station.

Sensing the impending danger, the convict said he left the village for his station only to be greeted by the presence of five Policemen who marched him to the police station and got him locked up.

Watch full video below:


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