Former Real Madrid star Robinho to be jailed ‘immediately,’ says minister


Former Real Madrid and Manchester City star Robinho is set to be jailed in his native Brazil, the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights in the nation has said, reports

The Brazilian international was convicted of rape in 2017, with a nine-year jail sentence handed down by the courts, but his appeal process with the Italian courts has been ongoing in the years since.

Robinho has continually said he is not guilty and vows to fight the accusations, which allege he was part of gang rape of a 22-year-old Albanian woman in a Milan nightclub in January 2013.

Santos agreed to a deal to bring the 36-year-old back to the club for a third spell earlier this year but the decision was heavily criticised due to his connection with the criminal case, and the club has now terminated their agreement with him – without having played a game.

“Prison immediately, I have no more to say. There is still an appeal, but…What more do you want? Prison. No rapist can be applauded,” Alves told reporters, as per Marca.

Robinho scored 35 goals in 137 appearances for Madrid between 2005 and 2009.


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