Veteran Actress, Irene Opare Says She Wants To Undergo Liposuction To Enlarge Her Hips

Veteran Ghanaian actress, Irene Opare has endorsed cosmetic surgery, says she wishes to undergo liposuction in order to enlarge her hips.

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It has been rumored that most female celebrities with voluptuous forms have undergone knife surgery to enlarge their breasts and back sides. To the actress, that is so beautiful.

Speaking on Nkonkonsa TV, the actress said the practice which is now prevalent in the entertainment industry is a sight to behold.

“When they enlarge their buttocks and breasts, it’s so beautiful. So, to me, those who desire it are the ones who do it. I hear it’s very expensive too. I’m personally afraid but for my fears, I would have done liposuction from my stomach and filled it up in my hip because I don’t have large hips.’’

However, she said that she might trash her decision to undergo that surgery because of the rumored complications associated with it.

Watch the video below:



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