Chris Hemsworth didn’t want his personal trainer on ‘The Bachelor’

By Bang 3h ago

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Chris Hemsworth threatened to fire his personal trainer, childhood friend Luke Zocchi, if he took part in “The Bachelor”.

The “Avengers” actor stays in shape with the help and guidance of Luke Zocchi and wasn’t thrilled at the idea of losing the fitness expert to the Australian version of the reality TV show.

Speaking on Australia’s “Fitzy & Wippa” radio show, Luke revealed: “I actually did get it but I said no.

“I actually said it [to Chris] as a joke and he said, ‘If you go on ‘The Bachelor’ I will fire you!’ “

Chris and Luke have been friends since childhood and the personal trainer previously told how he encouraged the 37-year-old hunk to box with him when they were teenagers but the “Ghostbusters” star refused because he was mindful of how he could affect his future career plans if he “ruined” his face in the ring.

Luke previously said: “I met Chris in primary school. He was in the year above me and we started hanging out when I was in Grade 2 or 3. Then we went to the same high school.

“I was an amateur fighter when I was at school and Chris used to come down to the gym and watch me spar.

“After a while we started training together. I’d be like, ‘Oh, mate, you should jump in the ring!’ Because he always wanted to. But even back then he was like, ‘Oh, mate, I can’t ruin my face — I want to get into acting’.”

The pair reconnected when Chris asked Luke to help him get in shape for “Thor: The Dark World”.

Luke previously explained: “Because of my boxing background we’d get up and we’d do runs and then I’d hold the pads for him in the afternoon, and I think that must have sparked the idea for him. It was just before Easter he rang me.

“He said, ‘What are you doing?’ I told him I was just working. I’m an electrician by trade and at that time I used to run boxing circuits out of PCYC. He said, ‘Mate, do you want to come with me to the States? It’s just a six-week boot camp’. ‘Yeah,’ I thought. ‘I’ll come to the States for six weeks.’

“We did the six weeks together and then he said, ‘Come with me to my next film’. It was ‘Blackhat’, a Michael Mann movie. From that film, we wrapped in Kuala Lumpur, jumped on a plane, flew to London and went into a meeting with Ron Howard for ‘In the Heart of the Sea’.”


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