I was accused of killing my husband – Queen Kamsi

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The official translator for the founder of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) Rev. Obofour who has been identified as Queen Kamsi has shared a story on how she was wrongfully accused of killing her husband.

According to Queen Kamsi, her late husband who passed away in 2017 used to work with an oil company, went to the rig were he inhaled some of their poisonous gases.

She explained that he didn’t notice it and by the time they got to know of his condition, it was too late because that gas had caused damaged his veins.

Queen Kamsi explained that after his death, his family who are Ahanta’s accused her of killing her husband and even went ahead to prevent her from partaking in the funeral rites of her husband.

She went on to say she became like a ‘billboard’ in the town with everyone pointing accusing fingers at her and because it became unbearable for her to take in any longer, she moved to Accra to start life.

On reaching Accra, she slept under the Mallam overhead for two days because she was homeless and had no one to call upon.

It was on the third day that she heard that Rev. Obofour was organizing a program at Achimota and that was how her life changed for good.

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Queen Kamsi came under serious bashing after she was heard endorsing Rev. Obofour’s comment on cheating where he asked men to hide and cheat on their wives.

Kamsi who addressed Obofour as a wise man after the comment got people asking why a lady would be in support of her husband cheating and the fact that she said in the viral video that she has been married before raised questions on why she left the marriage.


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