Vote NDP To Honour Rawlings

Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings has urged Ghanaians to vote the National Democratic Party (NDP) to honour the ‘ideals’ that her late husband, former President Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, stood for.

Mrs. Rawlings is the flag bearer of the NDP in the Monday, December 7 general election, and she has asked Ghanaians to disregard claims by her opponents that she has withdrawn from the election following the sad passing of her husband.

A statement signed by NDP General Secretary, Alhaji Mohammed Frimpong, yesterday said Mrs. Rawlings was in the contest and quoted her as saying that “my decision to continue my campaign as the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Party, the party I represent, in a respectful and yet sensitive manner, accords my dear husband and the Ghanaian society the necessary regard in line with our traditions and cultural norms.”

The statement was emphatic that Mr. Rawlings was a founding father of the NDP; a move which will not settle well with the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) who hold Mr. Rawlings as their founder.

Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings, broke away from the NDC to form the NDP in 2011 after an acrimonious party congress in Sunyani, and the two have not seen ‘eye to eye’ ever since.

The statement said “as contained in Article 4 section 4.1 of the NDP Constitution, my husband is also the co-founder of our great party. As such the party, in accordance with the tenets on which it was established, has respectfully taken time to honour and mourn its founding father.”

“Our 2020 NDP manifesto reflects the founding principles of our party.  We have promised the good people of Ghana to formulate and implement good policies to continue economic growth in a multi-dimensional approach underpinned by two areas – Industrialization and Agriculture,” the statement added.

“My absence from the political scene in spite of the proximity of the December elections has been misinterpreted by a section of Ghanaians; and I wish to put on record that my seeming inactivity is a result of my decision to take time off to mourn my husband,” it stated.

“Indeed, my dear husband, the late Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, whose legacy will forever live on, stood tall on the political landscape of Ghana. He left indelible footprints in his role as the first President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana, having been instrumental in transitioning our great nation to democratic rule.  To us, at the NDP, our founding father, Jerry John Rawlings, is the founder of the Fourth Republic. His infectious charisma, strength of character and firm adherence to his beliefs and principles, made him a man of honour and high repute, not just in Ghana but internationally.

The statement said that “despite coordinated attacks by some elements of the NDC, a party which he founded, to destroy his legacy prior to his untimely demise, posterity will forever remember him for his great and selfless contribution to that party and to Ghana.”

The statement said “all 44 parliamentary candidates of the NDP across all 16 regions have been well resourced and are highly energized to work for victory.”

“I appreciate very much the empathy shown, and the support, encouragement and inspiration given me these past few weeks. I especially want to mention my children who have been unwavering pillars of support. I wish to assure the general public that I am doing well and have the strength to carry on as the flag bearer of the NDP in the 2020 general elections,” it added.

By Ernest Kofi Adu





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