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How to quickly find a suitable credit loan product? Sometimes the interest rate is low, or the speed is fast,

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or the amount are higher… Of course, it is good if all can be satisfied at one time, but each type of loan has different characteristics, let us illustrate…

Emphasis on low-interest rates

In principle, low-interest rates are required. Assets must be used wisely. For example, when using mortgage loans, the interest rate must be lower than that of unpaid credit loans

(of course, it depends on the amount of the loan… With a capital requirement of 100,000, it is better to compare credit loans in terms of convenience, because mortgage application costs are relatively high, which is suitable for higher amounts of borrowing.)

In addition, sometimes the low advertising interest rate does not mean that the application cost is low. The “Annual Percentage of Total Expenses” after the addition of the handling fee is the judging factor of the cost.

Emphasis on fast speed

If the speed is to be fast, the faster the funds obtained usually have a higher interest rate (because the risk angle will be looser), such as card-friend loans.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that those who occasionally have urgent needs and possess assets can apply for mortgages with banks to add overdraft/financial management functions in case of emergency.

If there are really no assets that can be mortgaged to the bank, you can also handle the line-type (financial management) loan or the cash advance function of the credit card first, so that you will not be in a hurry when you need to spend money temporarily.

Generally, existing cardholder loans are mostly “standardized” loan products, so the interest rate cost will be higher than that of “customized” “general credit”, but the speed of obtaining funds is also faster, but compared to “pre-borrowed cash” “And “Original car financing”, the interest rate should still be lower.

Emphasize a high amount

If you want a high amount, of course, the first choice is to use the mortgage increase space, or use credit + mortgage to apply for a loan, but it still depends on the individual’s debt ratio and repayment ability.


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