Technology Activities

The concept of good business management is known only as a cultural movement in our society. This concept is of paramount importance in the international arena and is essential for the protection of international trade. What distinguishes marketing strategies from direct marketing is that the marketing of a particular asset class requires a different regulatory function than other businesses.

The sale of traditional weapons, weapons used in the production of weapons of mass destruction, weapons, and other medical devices has a very important place in the matter of security in international trade and requires special laws. When things are not being regulated properly, the world can become a global problem.
The need to ensure business expertise with any product can always be made with this. Technical support services provided by accredited agencies are an important function that facilitates the export and export of products. Compliance with the relevant laws and requirements of the country in which the goods are exported is determined by the training here. Such an act would help the industry and protect the interests of the parties.
In most cases, the technical verification process is completed before the goods are delivered, the shippers ensure that the goods will not be returned, while the counterparty benefits from a quick home permit.
With the technical authentication function, the transmission of unsafe, unlicensed or fraudulent items is prohibited.
In this way, Indonesian organizations have established a regulatory framework before exporting companies to ensure that exports comply with standards and protect the health and human rights. In this way, the entry of untrustworthy and fraudulent material and false information into the country is eliminated. Certified bodies are physically tested before shipping, samples are tested in bottles when needed, production processes are checked on the manufacturer, all necessary documents are checked and if the product complies with the relevant standards it is evaluated.


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