It is not easy to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is not difficult to find some teaching videos or books with a thickness of two or three hundred pages on the Internet specifically discussing this topic.


Search Engine Optimization Concept

These reference resources to teach people how to do SEO website optimization, because the content is too much, it will often make blog fresh people do not know where to start.
So what exactly is SEO search engine optimization doing? Simply put, it is trying to get the top 10 positions of the search engine ranking (SERP, Search Engine Results Pages) (that is, it is on the first page of search inside).

SEO outside of Google

Generally speaking, the narrow sense of SEO is only optimized for traditional search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing. Among them, because Google’s market share exceeds 80%, everyone’s focus is almost on Google.
However, the search habits of Internet users are gradually evolving. Many people like to get answers by watching videos, so they will directly search for videos on YouTube.
Today, YouTube has become the search engine with the second largest number of users in the world besides Google. The platform itself has gradually developed a different SEO ranking method. In addition to making good eye-catching videos, YouTuber celebrities I have optimized the search engine for my own audio and video creations, and hope that potential viewers can quickly find their videos through the search box.
In addition, in European and American countries, if you want to buy something, they often go directly to the Amazon website to do product searches. Therefore, the search traffic on the Amazon site has become a competing channel for merchants on the platform. Searching for well-ranked store products is almost money. Guarantee.
In fact, many high-traffic e-commerce platforms (such as Shrimp Skin Shopping) or social media have their own internal search ranking mechanism. If they can be researched and used effectively, they can bring network traffic to many potential customers.


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