travel insurance

Travel insurance is a business of insurance, or to be precise, the embodiment of insurance in people’s travel activities.

It means that the insured pays insurance premiums to the insurer in accordance with the contract; the insurer shall be liable for the compensation guarantee for the property losses caused by the accidents that may occur in the travel contract, or when the insured is traveling A commercial insurance act that assumes the liability for compensation and guarantee money in the event of death, disability or illness.

Correspondingly, a travel insurance contract is a type of insurance contract, and it is the general term for various types of travel contract insurance. It is an agreement between the insured and the insurer to agree on the insurance rights and obligations in travel activities. It is an insurance contract in travel activities. A manifestation of.

At present, most insurance companies offer the following types of travel insurance:

Travel assistance insurance: The travel assistance insurance jointly launched by China Life, China Pacific Insurance Company and the International (Sos) Rescue Center expands the original travel personal accident insurance services and extends the general post-event claims of traditional insurance companies. Provide timely and effective rescue when an accident occurs.

Travel assistance insurance: This insurance is very suitable for traveling abroad. With its guarantee, once an accident occurs or a legal dispute arises due to ignorance of local customs and regulations, tourists will receive free assistance as long as they make a call.

Travel accident insurance: Passengers actually have already taken out this insurance when they buy train tickets and ferry tickets. The premium is calculated at 5% of the fare, and the insurance amount for each insurance is RMB 20,000, including accident medical treatment. Gold 10,000 yuan. The insurance period starts from the check-in station or the midway boarding the train and the ship to the check-in station or the midway disembarkation and disembarkation. If the passenger is killed, disabled or lost physical function due to an accident during the validity period of the insurance, the insurance company shall pay medical expenses as required, And pay all, half or part of the insurance amount to the injured or deceased’s family members.

Travel personal accident insurance: Now most insurance companies have opened this type of insurance. Each insurance premium is 1 yuan, the insurance amount is 10,000 yuan, and a maximum of 10 insurances can be insured at a time. This insurance is more suitable for adventure tours, ecological tours, thrilling tours, etc.


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